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Help Send a Kenyan Child to School

Last summer, our family helped at the Puan Elementary school in rural Kenya near the Masai Mara National Park. We met the most beautiful, intelligent, and respectful children from the Maasai tribe. We learned that children whose families could not afford school uniforms and supplies could not attend school. Imagine living in an area of Kenya with 80% unemployment. Add to that a lack of education because your family had to choose between eating and paying the $300 per year needed for school uniforms and supplies.

We are now working with Philip, the school principal, to sponsor students so they can attend school and get an education. Next year, we will return to the school to see the kids again. We can’t change the world single-handedly, but we can positively affect and help change the lives of individual children, which will have a ripple effect throughout the community.

You can sponsor a child and send them to school for a year for $300 or co-sponsor a child for any amount you can give. We will provide you with a picture of your sponsored child, and if you want, you can write them a letter that we will hand deliver to them when we visit the school again.

Donate here:

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