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Helping Communities One Well at a Time

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

You can't travel in Africa without being struck by the tremendous disparities from the ways we live in America. In rural areas of Uganda, the availability of clean drinking water is a ongoing crisis In two very significant ways. The first is the very availability of water. Thirteen million Ugandans (1/3 of the population) need to walk more than 30 minutes each way to retrieve often contaminated water. This contamination is the second part of the problem and leads to significant water borne disease. In fact, 25% of children have to drop out of school due to preventable water borne diseases such as cholera and typhoid

The good news is that at least part of the problem can be addressed in a relatively simple and very inexpensive way. My wife and I have been working with a wonderful NGO in Uganda called The Bakiga Community Project. They work with 3 local water engineers and workers to build clean water filter projects for the springs accessed by local villages. The amazing thing is that the total cost to build a project is only $150! Over the past two plus years we have funded the building of 12 clean water projects that have brought clean drinking water to over 1,000 Ugandans.

Communities smile and have great appreciation for clean water.

Several individuals and families from our community have donated to build wells. Their contribution is honored with an engraving on the well with the individual or family's name. One 11-year-old girl saved up her money and donated two wells!

HOW TO HELP. If you'd like to build a well from you, your family, or as a gift that will last forever, contact Gary at

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